Some words of advice

On the wedding day, you want to have the energy to enjoy the entire day so make sure you hydrate and have lots of easy to pop in your mouth snacks in the morning while your hair and makeup is being done. It is very hard to eat and drink on your wedding day, especially when everyone wants to congratulate you and wish you every happiness.

If it is a hot day, suggest to your Groom that he has an extra shirt to change into after the photos are taken. It is nice for him to be able to pop on a fresh shirt for the reception

You may want to consider a spare buttonhole for the photographs after the ceremony if it is very hot too, as the buttonholes suffer a bit after being hugged by everyone especially on a hot day

Comfy shoes under the Bridal table is a must, even if you are wearing flats. Your feet in new shoes will be thankful when you can slip on something else to dance the night away in say comfort.